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Chained is a pure two player action adventure where two prisoners, bound together by an energy chain, have to escape from a sci-fi subterranean labor camp, by fighting enemy robots and solving puzzles.

The chain is your only weapon, so teamplay and coordination is essential to survive. Discover different chain modes for even greater kill potential and destruction.

Enjoy the storyline or try to survive as long as possible playing the survival mode and fight an endless horde of enemies!

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Rollbusch Games


Eugen Blatz Level design, interface, 2D animations, game design

Jeannette Haberland Animation, rigging, game design, HUD, voice (EMA)

Moritz Meyers Charakteres, particles, physics, game design, concepts, props, menu


Daniel Kiedrowski GUI, shader, gameplay, game design, copywriter

Sebastian Ludwig AI, core mechanics, game design


Carlo Hiller Music, QA

Gunnar Haberland Voice (Nick)

Maik Schröder Sound design, voice (Heavy)

Rollbusch Games

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